Penguin Pass


African Penguin | Endangered 

These pink-browed birds have been endangered for more than a decade as their dwindling colonies face the growing threat of industrial fishing. Purchase a limited-edition pass and take action with us to help protect the African penguin.

We African penguins hail from the coasts of Namibia and South Africa, where we form monogamous pairs, co-parent our fledglings, and hunt small fish and squid. Our prey was once abundant in these waters and our colonies were as large as one million, but the rise of commercial fishing has over-harvested our coasts, contributing to our rapid population decline. Help us feed and breed by choosing sustainably sourced seafood. Download the Seafood Watch app or look for sustainably sourced fish at your local grocery.

The Price of Extinction takes into account how long each species has been at risk and how much it would cost to save them. The higher the price, the higher their risk.

Each Price of Extinction is represented by a collectible, limited-edition pass that helps to take away their threat. So, buy a pass, hear their plea, and take action with us to protect these critical species.


About the Artist

These collectible passes feature art by illustrator Chiara Vercesi, who donated her time and talent to create these one-of-a-kind pieces. Chiara is an Italian illustrator currently based in Amsterdam. Recognized for her vibrant style rich in textures and atmospheric brush strokes, she creates illustrations that are attention-grabbing and bold, yet light, and have a natural flow. Chiara begins by playing with the composition, concept, and design until it’s perfectly balanced. She has worked for years as a designer, art director, illustrator, concept artist, and creative artist. In 2018, she co-founded Sail Ho Studio collective.